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Marathon Training – Let’s get serious!

Whether you’re registered for the Virgin Money London Marathon (23.4.2017), the Paris Marathon (9.4.2017) the Berlin Marathon, (24.9.2017) the Brighton Marathon (9.4.2017), TSC New York City Marathon (5.11.2017), or one of the many marathons, ½ marathons or runs in the UK ( - YOU want to be prepared!

Due to our amazing physiology and some relics of former times our body might be able to run 42km without preparation if necessary, but this is HIGHLY risky and little enjoyment for everybody involved and you don’t want to end up in hospital.

So how best to get prepared?

There are several ways of preparing and many different opinions and views. So it’s best to get the one the works out for you.

Just a few essentials:

- take your time – the more earlier you start preparing – the more likely you are to enjoy it – 6 months is a good starting point

- recover from flu symptoms or injuries first

- if you are taking any drugs to improve your condition – such ibuprofen - it is best to wait, as this can have a detrimental effect on your kidneys

- if you are recovering from an injury make sure your training is appropriate as not to deter the healing process of the injury. This doesn’t mean you can’t start training, though, just in the appropriate way – in which case I’m of course the person of choice for you to see.

Hope to see you soon to help you prevent from injuries/ pains and other miscellaneous conditions ….

Best of luck to you!!!


Training for a Charity Run?

Visit Fran our Physiotherapist and receive £10 in sponsorship for each session booked during your training period.

Valid on Physiotherapy treatments booked before 31st May 2017. Not available on Insurance treatments. Donations will be made through your fundraising page (e.g. Just Givin, Virgin Money Giving etc.), once the full physiotherapy consultation fee has been collected.

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