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Restore optimal balance and posture to correct dysfunction, prevent injury or boost performance


Osteopathy is a manual therapy aimed at restoring posture, balance and function to the body through a combination of mobilisation, massage and manipulation techniques. It is holistic and patient-centered and therefore suitable for all age groups including babies and children, and helps in the management of a wide variety of conditions.


Osteopathy can be used in the absence of pain or discomfort and can help in the prevention of injury and dysfunction. 


Osteopathy focuses on the treatment of the cause and not the symptom. It promotes and enhances the body's natural healing mechanisms by improving drainage and mobility and thus reduces tension and pain in the joints, muscles and soft tissue structures. It can help prevent injuries as well as manage them and encourages fluidity of movement essential in a wide variety of sports such as golf and dancing.

For further information about the Common Conditions that Osteopaths Treat, please visit the Institute of Osteopathy Website



Restoring fluidity of movement and stability to tired or damaged structures

(April 2021 - not available at the moment, sorry)


Physiotherapy, often referred to as physio, is a way of promoting health and wellbeing through a combination of manual therapy and targeted exercises. It aims to increase a person’s mobility and can be performed on people suffering from a variety of disorders. It is most commonly used in the management of conditions affecting the muscles, joints, blood circulation and lungs.


Physiotherapists use many different techniques including direct mobilisation, massage therapy, exercises and full rehabilitation programs.


The physiotherapy exercise programs are not as strenuous as they sound. Their aim is to promote movement and strength whilst increasing circulation and relieving pain. They usually involve taking part in light forms of activity such as swimming, jogging or exercises that focus on a specific body part.


You will be shown how to perform the exercises on your own and encouraged to pursue the rehabilitation program outside the clinic. Our aim is to help you regain your balance, move better and improve your overall wellbeing.






£ 80 for a first appointment and £70 per follow-up sessions; 


Please allow 30 minutes per appointment


    For babies & during pregnancy please allow up to 60 minutes per session


    Home visits are available on request in zones 1-2


Physiotherapy   (April 2021 not available at the moment, sorry)      


£ 80 for a first appointment and £70 per follow-up sessions; 


Please allow 30 minutes per appointment




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