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Recommended by BodySpheres

We chose these products because we believe they will help you to progress towards a better health between and after treatments with BodySpheres.

Togu Dynair Senso Ball Cushion

  • Inflated, soft, pliable and dynamic ball-cushion

  • Sit on it for a healthy back without pain

  • Stand on it for joint stabilization and improved balance

  • Lay on it while performing core strengthening exercises

  • Made of non toxic, odourless Ruton, free of forbidden phthalates

MFT Fun Disc Fitness apparel - 40,5 x 40 x 12,5 cm

  • 1 MFT Fun Disc incl. Training manual.

  • Areas of application: Individual training at home; physiotherapy practice.

  • Training objective: "Action": Improving flexibility, coordination and responsiveness - in a fun way.

  • Training intensity: Daily 10-15 minutes.

  • Target group "beginners": Children over 4 years and beginners.

Bunion Sleeve - The Ultrathin Bunion Corrector

  • Relieves mild to moderate bunions (hallux valgus)

  • Ultrathin and can be worn comfortably with socks and shoes during any activity

  • Ideal for active people and perfect for runners and walkers

  • Separates your toes naturally, slowly releasing built up tension and relieving soreness

  • Gently repositions the big toe to its more natural alignment, helping to improve balance and gait


PhysioRoom Elite Pilates

  • Elite Foam Roller can help improve stability and flexibility

  • Foam roller is 45cm in length and 15cm wide

  • Extremely hard wearing and is ideal for home or gym use

  • Colour: Blue

  • Help improve stability and flexibility and is great for promoting stabilisation and Core Strength

Ultimate Performance Tennis Elbow Support

  • Neoprene blend - Firm, even support whilst being comfortable.

  • Adjustable strap - Ensures customisable fit and compression.

  • One size fits most

  • Bilateral - Fits left or right arm.

  • Support Level - 2


Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel with Ilex - Tube

  • Cooling gel ideal for the relief of muscle aches and joint discomfort

  • Particularly for pain associated typically with minor backache, tendonitis, muscle over-use, strains/stress and sports injuries

  • Can also help to relieve pain caused by arthritis and neuropathy

  • Patients report up to six hours of pain relief, without pills


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