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Ready..? Steady..? Ski!!! (Or snowboard)

Ok, I'm Austrian, but that doesn't mean I got on my skis as soon as I could stand (age 1). I waited until I was 6 to earn my first silver medal and 7 for gold. So you see, it's never too late to start! Joking aside, whether you're a pro or a beginner - you want to be prepared.

Squats! That's what you need; squats. Before you continue reading try out three sets of 5 or 15 in one go of: deep squats, semi deep squats and single leg squats on a balancing board. Now wait a minute. Easy? Your legs stay straight? Your knees and feet don't buckle inwards? You haven't lost your balance? Then off you go, continue training and ski! If, however, you haven't found this so easy, book an appointment today and we will sort you out! That's a promise!

The better you are with your squats, the more likely you are to enjoy your skiing holiday. You are also less likely to experience injury provided you do some warm-up first which should be easy with the heavy boots and long ski you will be carrying around! You simply need to walk around a bit first and do some stretches afterwards (see To Stretch or Not To Stretch). Skiing is great fun! You might even get to know someone on a lift! BUT DON'T DRINK AND SKI!!! You don't want to be a risk for others on the piste, and let's be honest, it's not attractive.

Further recommendations: take it easy on your first day. Get to know the terrain and enjoy the scenery. Accidents are most likely to happen on the third day. Consider a spa day then or simply take half a day off and you can enjoy two more days on your skis without feeling too knackered. You've already been skiing and want to improve for next time? Or maybe you've had an accident and are on the road to recovery? No problem, book an appointment and we'll get you fit for your next trip!


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