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 An innovative and integrated approach

to improve your health & support you in achieving your goals

  • Get the personalised advice you want

  • Manage your symptoms including pain and stiffness

  • Return to your sport after an injury or a prolonged break

  • Speed up your return to work

0333 800 8404

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Bond Street/Oxford Circus (Marylebone)

@ Active Health Clinic

John Bell & Croyden

50-54 Wigmore Street



Fee increase:
Please be advised that, as of 01/06/2024,

our fees have increased to

  •   £100 for a First Osteopathy session and

  •   £90 for Follow-up sessions


We offer:


Body Spheres offers an innovative and integrated approach to Musculoskeletal Health through our expert and dedicated team that caters for all your musculoskeletal needs in one setting.


We are used to working alongside each other and in collaboration with personal trainers, fitness instructors and medical practitioners to deliver a truly holistic experience.


Whether you are an individual looking for private healthcare or an employer wishing to promote health and fitness within your company, our dedicated team of experts can help you optimise your physical health, well being and support you in achieving your goals.


Your clinician will focus on your needs and work with you to achieve the outcome you want.

We look forward to working with you,


Mathilde & the Body Spheres Team

General Osteopathic Council We're Registered

 We are recognised by leading health insurance companies:

Axa PPP, Bupa, Aviva, Allianz Worldwide Care, WPA.


Body Spheres is fully recognised by AXA PPP Healthcare*. As one of their members you can now choose to see any of our practitioners

- (*AXA Provider number Marylebone/Bond Street: ZZ04149)

As usual, if you are a Member of BUPA, Simply Health, Aviva, WPA etc. we are also more than happy to help.

Please request for authorisation from your Insurance before your appointment.


For further more information please do not hesitate to contact us call 0333 800 8404, book online 

or email


AXA PPP Healthcare
Allianz Worldwide Care
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